Eskibaglar Okuzgozu

Eskibaglar Okuzgozu

Eskibaglar Okuzgozu

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Grape Öküzgözü


Black mulberry, dark sweet cherry , eucalyptus

Recommended with red meat, cheese, spicy foods

Alcohol Rate : %14

75 cL

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Categorieën: Red Wine , Wine

Eskibağlar Vinery is located in Elazığ, Eastern Anatolia, the hometown of Öküzgözü.  

Öküzgözü is a native Turkish red grape with excellent potential. It hails from Elazığ province, though it is widely planted in other wine-growing regions. The grape is often made into a varietal, but it is also commonly blended with native Boğazkere.

The latter will add more body and tannins to the blends. Öküzgözü produces ruby red wines with fruity aromas reminiscent of raspberries and cherries. They usually display some herbal nuances, and oak-aged styles will typically have jammy notes reminiscent of ripe fruit, leather, and spices.

These medium-bodied wines have bright and lively acidity and moderate tannins. Öküzgözü wines would pair well with grilled meat and meat dishes doused in a richly flavored tomato sauce. Interestingly, öküzgözü translates as bull’s eye.

The name is probably a reference to its large, dark grapes. 

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