Buyukbag Papazkarasi

Buyukbag Papazkarasi

Buyukbag Papazkarasi

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Varietal : Papazkarasi

Vintage : 2020

Taste : Red cherry, plum, spices

Recommended with roasted beef, grilled chicken and mushrooms

Alcohol Rate : %14

75 cL

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Categorieën: Red Wine , Wine

Akberg is located in Selçuk-Izmir. We are the company that put the wine village 'Şirince' on the map. Our winery is a one-of-a-kind production facility in İzmir with 17 years of experience. Akberg is based on the principles of sustainable development and is a balance between oenology, architecture and sustainability. 

Our Local Grape Varietal Series, Büyük Bağ, has been awarded with a selection among 360 wines in Turkey by 2 Master Sommeliers. 

Our Papazkarasi

  • Grown in the Edirne, Suloglu region
  • An ancient blue-black grape variety native to Turkey
  • Today, Papazkarasi is grown in the Marmara region, which surrounds the Sea of Marmara (south of Istanbul in northwest Turkey), as well as Central Anatolia, and the Thrace region
  • The name Papazkarasi roughly translates to "black bishop" or "black priest". In Greece, the variety is registered as "Kara Papas", although little, if any, Papazkarasi wine is produced in that country.

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