Winemaking journey of  Tasheli  started in 2005. They found out that there were grapevines older than 50 years in the Çömelek village within the city of Mersin on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. At an altitude of 1100m, on the slopes of Taurus mountains, the vines were untouched by the phylloxera epidemic. In the region there were also ancient ruins dating back to The Cilicians. With grape and chalice ornaments and even ancient grape presses carved into the rocks. 

After experimenting with different grape varieties, they started focusing on the indigenous varieties. Since southern Turkey was not known as a wine region, these local grapes were previously unknown to Wineries in Turkey. Patkara -as a red- became the signature grape variety for them and Tasheli was born in 2010. Now they work with these grapes (Patkara, Ak & Gök) with passion to bring out their full potential and make their names know by the world of wine.

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