Tafe's story begins in 1926 when TAHINCIOGLU family entered the food sector with Tahini production in the historical city of Mardin, Turkey. The family continued the business from 1949 to 1956 in the city of Diyarbakir with the participation of son Fehmi Tahincioglu. Later KENT CONFECTIONERY was established in ISTANBUL in 1956 and this time all 7 brothers joined. Throughout the years, many famous product brands were created and KENT COMPANY received much acclaim in Turkey and around the World.

Tafe produces delicious premium baklavas, Turkish Delights, traditional cookies, butter cookies, Biscotti cookies, gluten-free cookies, vegan products, chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate dragees and sugar-coated almonds. Their products are sold in main supermarket channels and quality shops in Turkey, ie Migros, Macrocenter, BIM, Metro Cash & Carry, IKEA, Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express Airlines and Starbucks, etc. and duty-free shops in the main airports. 

They use high-quality ingredients in their products, ie, high quality real Belgian chocolate (Barry Callebaut).

By the way, they have Halal certification. 

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