Mor Salkim

Their founder Hasan Tahsin Erdemir brought his own wine story to life and Mor Salkım came into existence in 2013.

A curiosity that dates back to 2005; The birth story of Mor Salkım, the journey of his transformation from home wine production to a facility production with the supply of grapes from the vineyards in Ankara .

Their founder wanted to realize his dream in Bodrum and searched for a place. When he came across this beautiful place between Çömlekçi and Dörttepe , where tobacco and sesame production used to be made, where north and west winds prevail, and surrounded by pine and olive forests, he made his decision.

After the arrangement and preparation of the land throughout 2014, a total of 16,000 vines, 5,000 Shiraz, 5,000 Cabernet Sauvignon, 4,000 Merlot and 2,000 Bornova Muskets, were planted in February 2015.

As a result of the activities carried out in 2015 to prune and strengthen, the first product was taken in 2016, harvesting period. Products for this year and the following years were given to local producers who hold local licenses and produce wine at home.

After Hasan Tahsin Erdemir's loss, his family decided to complete his vineyard investment in order to realize his dream and keep his memory alive with soil and grapes. As a result of this decision, a production facility with 50,000 bottles was established and put into operation before the next harvesting period . Adhering to the plan proposed by Tahsin Erdemir, additional vineyard areas have been prepared with the infrastructure investment required for the development and reaching the envisaged capacity. 2,000 Sauvignon Blancs are planted on 10 decares of land purchased in addition to the existing vineyard area in February 2018 . On 100 decares of land, additionally 1,000 Narince and 3,000 Bornova Muskets are planted and the vineyards are finalized.

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