Hiç [hich] simply stated, means less is more!

At Hiç, they believe olives are the gift of nature in it is simplest and most humble form. As such, their mission is to deliver pure products that are naturally nurtured for those who value simplicity.

Harvested from the slopes of Bademler Village in Urla, Turkey, where the first modern production of olive oil occurred in 600 BC, Hiç olives come from one source - the Hiç Farmland Estate.

Like generations before them, when olives were picked from the garden and transformed into the oil with love and hard work; Hiç's promise is to respect nature and our customers by delivering a unique high-quality product in its purest state.

At Hic; they press only the most healthy & hearty olives to create nature's miracle – the highest quality, all natural, and richest olive oil possible.

Their olives come from one source; The Organic Hiç Olive Forest situated in Bademler Village, Urla. The ancient Ionian city; Klazomenai – which is known today as Urla, produced olive oil for the first time in the 6th century BC with modern methods. Lord; for the first time in the history, olive oil was transported by boats throughout the entire Mediterranean Basin. Today, Urla is comprised of history, traditions, natural richness and cultural heritage that is represented in its gastronomy through olive oil. At Organic Hiç Olive Forest, the land maintains its natural flora where 60,000 olive trees flourish with sunlight and rainwater by using sustainable and organic methods. Our olives are harvested by hand and cold pressed on the same day in our modern mill.

Forest Grown Collection is the portfolio of Hiç (hich) products grown exclusively in the Hiç Olive Forest. The Hiç Olive Forest is the largest organic forest on the Aegean coast where over 60,000 olive trees grow wild in their natural environment. Here, the land maintains its natural flora where eco-friendly, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture are practiced. As a result, Hiç captures unique characteristics from the Urla landscape.

  • Organically and wild-grown with trees, herbs, animals & bees
  • Early harvest, hand-picked and cold-pressed
  • Less than 0.5% acidity
  • Harvested exclusively from one source - the Hiç Olive Forest in Urla, Turkey
  • mono cultivar; Ayvalik = purity, quality

Tasting Notes: A fruity flavor, with aromatic notes of fresh cut grass and a balanced taste profile with green almond & hints of artichoke. The polyphenol level is highlighted by the distinct peppery bitterness on the tongue and the sharp pungency in the throat. Enjoy it as a finishing oil on pasta dishes, soups, salads, seafoods or just dipping with bread.


  • New York International Olive Oil Competition- Olive Oil Times Silver Award (2020)
  • Olio D'Oro Milano IOOC Italy Quality Award (2020)
  • Le Forme Dell'Olio Italy Olive Oil Packaging Design Award (2020) 
  • Japan Olive Oil Prize-JOOP Silver Organic Award (2021)


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