I'm an olive tree. I'm the grandchild of the first fruit tree in the world. I'm part of a thousand years of life. I was born in a centuries-old family in the Aegean, which smells of history. I took root in these beautiful and fertile lands, witnessed many loves, and defied many wars. I jump to life with the Aegean sun . I breathed the winds carrying the lovely smell of the Aegean Sea and was nourished with its rains.

Although I have generously presented my inherent miracle to humanity throughout history, I have never had a name. Now, thanks to the hands that touch me with knowledge, experience, love and passion I present you with my natural juice. I accompany your meals with 'my own name' and become a guest at your tables.

My name is Eliada…


It all started when one of our founders Gizem Çetintürk returned to her hometown five years ago (2015). Her passion and curiosity for olive started with the care of our olive groves inherited from our ancestors in these lands, which is located approximately 20 km south of the Temple of Artemis, the Ancient City of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary and has hosted many civilizations. During this period, Gizem continued her journey to her dreams by deepening her passion for olives with intense tasting expertise training programs guided by precious taste experts and hosted by Izmir Commodity Exchange.

In 2019, Gizem and Serdar Yıldız, who had worked with her for many years in the business and finance sector, started a partnership and established the Eliada Olive Oil Company. Eliada brand is happy to be deemed worthy of the silver medal in NYIOOC 2020 World Olive Oil Competition with their first product “Eliada Premium” in their first year.


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