About us

Wind of Holland BV is an importer and retailer specialized in wines, olive oils and special Turkish foods. Purposefully designed by our founder Güney Köse to connect great Turkish wines and oils with consumers in the highly developed area Utrechtsestraat 37 H, 1017VH in Amsterdam with the name of Güney’s Delights . With wine at its core, we also resource olive oil and some unique food from Turkey.

Wind of Holland BV with its “customer first” policy and flexibility, swiftly adapts itself to the ever-changing environment and customers’ needs. It has a long-term vision and is continuously on the look-out for innovations and new products. Its corporate philosophy has always been “to contribute to the community by streamlining distribution system and sales chain to achieve what it calls a “richer consumer life”. In accordance with this philosophy, its core business has been retailing wines, olive oils as well as other foods. Nowadays, Wind of Holland BV is recognized in Holland as a starter, both as an importer and a retailer due to its unique vertically integrated business model.