Eskibaglar Vinery is located In Eastern Anatolia, the city of Elazığ. Like almost every other city or village in Turkey though, it is ancient, having been established as far back as 2000 BC. Elazığ is also home to one of Turkey's most widely-known vitis vinifera  grape varieties: Öküzgözü.

Elazığ Province is situated at the northwestern corner of a 30-mile-long valley, Uluova (literally the Great Valley). It is surrounded by the Euphrates in the north and borders Tunceli to the North, Erzincan in the North-West, Bingöl to the East, Diyarbakır to the South, and Malatya in the West. No stranger to agriculture, exporting raisins, apricots, and almonds as they do, it's not a surprise that the area is good for grapes. 

Eskibağlar (Old Vineyards) was established in 2009 by Fırat and Hilal Aral. The Arals, part of a growing number of people looking to escape chaotic Istanbul life, packed up their family and moved to his mother's home village of Sivrice in Elazığ province.

They only work with two grapes, Okuzgozu and Bogazkere. They don't have a wide range of wines. However, wines from these two grapes are done with care and the desire to showcase these two local varieties: a 100% Öküzgözü, an Öküzgözü-Boğazkere blend. 

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